Before working with Martha I was experiencing severe left side body pain from my shoulder to my ankle. I was an avid runner and not able to run like I use to. After my reading/healing with her I have had very little pain in my left side. I am starting to run again and feel so much more energy and balance.
Thank you,


Martha Blessing is a true healer and everything she does comes right through her heart. The thing that sets Martha apart is the way she helps you


to heal on all levels, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

She believes good health is a natural state for all of us and if we are finding ourselves with something that is out off sync in our bodies, Martha is able to connect with her higher guides and give info and energy that can help you get back in sync and for sure heal on all levels. I keep mentioning "healing on all levels" and this is what Martha believes. If we don't heal emotionally then we won't heal permanently on a physical level.

I have had several experiences of being in pain or being sick. With Martha's help I was able to get back in sync with my body much quicker than I would have without her help. What I really like too is after a session with Martha she gives you homework! Or rather things you can keep on doing for yourself that will help you stay whole, healed & balanced,  & healthy. You can't go wrong if you choose to work with Martha.   ~Angie A. Tonawanda, NY

I could thank Martha a hundred times a day and that still wouldn't be enough to sufficiently express my gratitude!! Since working with Martha  my debilitating depression is gone. Physical pain is minimal. I have so much more confidence. I am a new person much more optimistic and my energy and stamina are back!

I've become empowered by the tools she has given me and my life and health are no longer ruled by fear.  As I've implemented what I learned from her into my daily routines I've learned how to heal from past trauma in my life and feel more grounded than ever before. Before taking her program I was consumed by negative thoughts and emotions.

Now I'm able to nurture myself and my body and take more steps to healing. I am so grateful for Martha's guidance in helping me become the woman I knew I could be!

Thank you for sharing your journey and believing in me!  ~Kathy. B  Buffalo, NY

Working with Martha is  pretty special and amazing.  After my first session with her I was able to quit smoking...and at the same time I took myself off all medications including the controlled substances for pain and my pain in my back is gone!  And I was also able to start  yoga.

I cant thank you enough and cant wait to see you again!   ~ Dawn Marie


My session with Martha Blessing was an eye opening and energy shifting experience. Not only did I learn the importance of grounding and how to 'anchor' myself but her extensive knowledge and gift as a Medical Medium has helped open doors to a better life for me and for those around me.

Thank you Martha.

Paula Greene-D’Amico, Blessings by Nature®

Before working with Martha  I struggled with anxiety, self-loathing, anger and chronic back pain. I am also a mother to two small children and feared I would pass my emotional issues on to them.

Martha showed me that it is possible to change the vibrations in my body....She taught me how to heal myself, which is very empowering! I am now starting to feel self-love for the first time in my life! My back pain has decreased significantly. My anxiety was at a 8 and now it's a 4. The back pain  when I first met Martha was an 8,  now it's a 3. I am now on a path to love, happiness and peace.

~Tara. S,  Williamsville, NY
For many years, I have been a spiritual seeker of the light, student of holistic practices, countless healing modalities and alternative ways.  Several months ago I was introduced to Martha at her Soul Light Healing group session at the Santosha Center. I decided to work with her privately.  First with an intuitive reading and then a strategy session.  Currently I'm in her Divine Healing Blueprint private mentoring program.   In the short time I have known her, she has been a beacon of light and hope for me and a gifted facilitator in my personal healing journey on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic level.   The fact that she stands in her truth and walks her talk with sincerity and authenticity is a welcome gift in my life. I am grateful."  G. P. Williamsville, NY

Martha's reading was on point, honest and compassionate. She helped me make sense of signs and symbols I had been receiving prior to the reading, motivating me to take healing action. I now have a deeper understanding of how aligning with love vibrations consistently reboots and renews my energy system.
Karrie B. ~Florida


I wanted to take a quick moment to thank Martha Blessing for sharing her heart & soul with me. Even as a healer myself I need guidance from time to time. My experience with Martha was amazing! She helped coach me through some deeply buried emotions which were affecting me on all levels, especially physically. After one session I felt a million times better, lighter, more free. Martha is a gifted healer because she helps to empower YOU to heal on the deepest levels through easy practices. Thank you Martha for your love and friendship.  ~Sarah Stabler LMT, Buffalo, NY


Before my first session with Martha I was completely out of balance.  I felt unsure of myself and I was holding on to a lot of fear.  After several sessions with Martha and doing the work at home that she suggested, I now feel wonderfully happy!

My life is flowing with confidence and ease.  I've learned so much, on so many levels of my life.  I will be forever grateful for the enlightening guidance from Martha, that I can use for the rest of my life.
~Gina P.  LMT, Owner, Massage Center Niagara


I was feeling stuck and boxed in by the choices I had made and where my life seemed headed. I felt emotionally and physically tired. I started working with Martha and  I felt a renewal of energy and spirit, and was able to create a path forward to where I wanted to go. She helped me identify what I needed to release and how to get past mistakes I had made and determine what I really want.

Many of my physical symptoms improved, and I am confident they will continue to do so. I feel happier and more confident. The techniques Martha taught me help when faced with a crisis or just a stressful day.

I know that life is ever-changing, and these tools will always be available to help me chart a new course or work through an issue or illness. I highly recommend working with her.   ~Kim W.   Saint Michaels, Maryland

I recently completed Martha's Divine Healing Blueprint private coaching program. I had been feeling stuck, experiencing a myriad of health problems, and was feeling overwhelmed.  I wanted to make changes  but I could not figure out where to start. I felt unfulfilled spiritually, emotionally, and professionally. I was at a crossroads in my life.

Working with Martha, listening to the lessons and completing the homework I reconnected with my values and set goals for my future that aligned with my deepest desires. Martha helped me set priorities and action steps that helped me get “unstuck”. I was able to focus on my immediate concerns and accomplish some short-term goals very quickly. The modules helped me address barriers and obstacles  I was facing and the reasons behind them. I set my long-term goals and I'm making good progress achieving them.

Martha was an excellent guide throughout this process of healing and transformation. I improved my health. I've experienced remarkable improvement following the recommendations that I received. I have tools to assist me whenever I feel stressed or in less than good health. I feel much calmer, more centered, and able to handle stress more easily. I addressed some buried emotions that kept me from moving forward.

Martha’s program is well-designed and  with well-paced modules that help create a new mindset for you and allow you to increase your confidence, get in touch with your dreams, and help you develop a plan that will allow you to take action to create the life that you desire.  Amy B. Pendelton, NY


I am so thankful to Martha!
It wasn't long ago that I was suffering from unexplained infertility. I was hopeless and in a place in my life where I thought nothing good was going to ever happen. I was in a downward cycle of negativity. I am so blessed to have found Martha. She was amazing to work with! She really took the time to listen and make me feel at ease. Martha was able to help me create my future the way I wanted it to play out. Through her guidance and advice, I was successfully able to re-frame my thinking which led me to what I wanted! I am happy to say that after suffering from many miscarriages, I was able to successfully maintain a pregnancy and create the most amazing little being that I have ever seen! The tools that Martha  taught me have changed my life!
Forever grateful,
Kelly J.  ~ Buffalo, NY


Martha is a superb healer and a deeply compassionate intuitive. She has my highest recommendation.

Working with a healer and practitioner is never just about "what do they know?" It also includes protocols that are clear and easy to follow, a listening heart and clarification as the healing journey progresses, and a constantly open mind -- That, in turn, engenders trust on the part of the client, which is paramount for any healing path to work.

Martha has all of these in plenty. In our first session, her deep intuition, vast knowledge, and experience from her own journey were brought together to hand me the opportunity to heal. Her clear and concise explanation of what needed to be rebalanced in my own physical/mental/emotional/spiritual makeup made sense, rather than being just another bunch of jargon. Her generosity of information has been invaluable.

In less than a week I found myself sleeping most nights through the night (impossible for two years running); my digestion is settling, my heart palpitations are diminishing and my belief in my ability to have a healthy life has increased tremendously.

Rev. Corbie Mitleid,  Warnerville, NY


I had battled Colitis since 2000, and for over 10 years, was on steroids and various prescription medications.  These "masked" the problem, and did not help heal me.  My body had grown tired and I knew I needed to search other methods to live a happy and healthy life.   This is when I found Martha.

We met for an  initial consultation, and she helped me understand  my body type to start off my healing process.  She introduced me to ways to eat better,  whole foods which heal the body, along with diet guidelines for various foods that my body needed.  Initially, I went to Martha asking her for a diet that would help me, and she educated me how this is not only physical, but emotional.

We did a few  healing sessions and I was amazed how much I  had bottled up inside.  After working with Martha my body is releasing the emotional tension that was holding me captive,  not allowing me to heal.  Martha incorporated some crystals in my sessions which are truely incredible.

My body and well-being have significantly improved since I started working with Martha.  In my eyes, she is my angel and has a true gift which I hold tight to my heart.  I have an overall feeling of peace and balance, and my digestive tract has improved.  ~Linda Allen, Rochester, NY