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5 Simple Strategies for Higher Vibrational Living

What exactly does it mean?   High Vibrational Living?

I hear that phrase, "vibration",  tossed around a lot, do you?

And sometimes I think that people don't really understand what they're saying, or what it really means.  I've also found that there seems to be a lot of judgement around the concept of vibration  in the spiritual community and circles.

So let's get a little clarity about what I mean when I use the word high vibration and how you can raise yours to a higher frequency for a better life.

Everything in the Uni-verse is a vibration.  Whether we agree or not doesn't change the Truth of this statement. Most people reading this blog will not dispute this fact.

So what does it mean to have a high vibration?

How can we continue to raise our vibrational frequency while staying grounded, centered and focused?

What not to do !

Far too often I find clients contact me for a medical medium reading or healing session and they have an excess of energy in their upper body and chakras...

And very little grounded or balanced energy in the lower portion of their body.  

This happens when too much emphasis is put on opening to multidimensional realms before they've learned to manage energy in their physical body.

For many people who are sensitive empaths this is a very common situation. They exert a tremendous amount of mental energy trying to understand and decipher messages and signs...which causes an energetic imbalance.

This opens one up to all sorts of health challenges and imbalances.  It's important to focus on overall vibration and energy management.

It's easy for the novice to get caught up in the 'wicky-woo".   But after a "bit" of time you have to leave that behind and accept that it's time to advance to higher levels of spiritual development and vibration.

How to Increase Your Vibrations of Light​...

This is really what we are talking about when we talk about vibrations.  I've heard a lot of folks say things like, "Yeah, she's a low vibration".  Or "Our vibrations just don't resonate".  Those are fair statements.  They offer a true assessment of energy, light, and vibration.

But it doesn't mean that one vibration is superior to the other!

It's just a different level, period.  It should never be spoken as a judgement to the lower vibration being "bad". It just "IS".  

Until we learn to accept our Divinity, and choose to feel the love, energy, and vibration of our Soul...we will function from a lower, earthly vibration...even if we do have "spiritual gifts".

In the process of surrendering to your Divinity and  "God within".... you will have more and more opportunities to choose to raise your vibrations to accelerate the process.

When I first started on my self-realization path, I was like a deer in the headlights, and I didn't understand much and I still held a lot of confusion and fear in my mind and my body.

Because I had trained myself to cut myself off from my body and my feelings....

And I used pot, cigarettes, and alcohol to keep myself numb from the Truth....separate from the vibration of Divinity.

As I surrendered to other possibilities I began let go of those lower vibrations.  It didn't mean I was a "bad" person because I had a lower vibrational just meant that I hadn't evolved in my awareness of spiritual energy and vibrations.

​Vibrations can be very heavy and dense.....or they can be diffuse and light.  A rock, though it appears solid to our 5 a mass of moving cells...albeit, a dense vibration of cells.  A plant, say, a daisy...obviously has a completely different frequency.  Both can be measured by science and quantum physics.

Your heart cells carry a particular frequency, one that is different than the frequency of the largest organ of your body, your skin.  While we don't have a tendency to sit around wondering about the frequency of everything we encounter during the course of our day, we really should...

Because it would make us better skilled at raising our own vibration.   The vibration of God/ Source is pure Love and Light.  The more things we ingest and practice that hold the similar vibration of God's love and light...the quicker our vibrational frequency matches that of our true self.  

Top 5 picks for raising frequency​...

1. Get out of your head

Learn to understand that most of what you worry about and think about, day in and day out, will never come to pass and it pulls you away from the present moment of living.  If your mental energy is focused on what you did wrong in the past or what might go wrong in the future...there is little energy left over for your body to enjoy right now.    

This causes a block, congestion, and stagnation of your energy and ultimately causes a lower frequency and vibration in your auric field.   

There are many ways to prevent mental overload......find one, practice it, and stick with it!   My two favorites are mantras and the Love Meditation

It's not a "one time" deal. When you learn to get out of your head, you can spend more time in your heart, in the present moment and that raises your vibration. Like attracts like.

2. Essential oils

Pure grade essential oils are the essence of plant life.  They are the divine vibration of Mother Earth, of sunlight, of fourth dimensional frequencies that are pure God Source.  When you use essential oils you become the frequency and vibration of the plant's life force.  

They don't just smell good...they can completely change your vibration to a higher frequency. They can reprogram your frequency to hold more light. Healing Oils of the Bible is one of my favorite books on the healing power of essential oils that have been around for centuries.

I put them in my water bottle. I put them on in the shower, I put them on my feet, I diffuse them in my house.  There isn't a day goes by that I don't use essential oils.

Your Soul recognizes plants as being a similar Divine Vibration​.  Your Soul recognizes the Light from a plant.  Give it what it recognizes and it will be transmuted to that vibration.   Of course, get the best quality essential oils you can, and make sure they are pure oils and not perfumed "fragrance". 

3. Crystals (and rocks)

Again...they hold the frequency of Mother Earth!

And depending on where they come from they can hold frequencies and vibrations of places like Atlantis.

I know, it seems far-fetched. But bear in mind how old the earth is and the millions of Divine elements of earth, wind, water, and fire-- that have come together to form the structure of the earth.  There are crystals that come from some of the most sacred spots on Earth...that hold ions of energy and love from all of Creation.   

Crystals are a dense conglomeration of minerals formed in the Earth. They hold spectacular vibrations to raise our frequencies to hold more and more light.  In the same way, rocks can help ground us in our body with their dense vibrational energy.

4. Acupuncture

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it seems difficult to let energy and emotions pass through us without closing down our heart and putting up our defenses. 

Sadly, this is what many empaths and lightworkers learn to do...

Everyone seems so concerned about "protection".  The truth is...when we learn to raise our vibration higher and higher, the less you need "protection".  Yes, it is true!

But in the meantime, it's important to get assistance to move stagnant energy and trapped emotions out of your body.   

Acupunture is one of the most effective ways to do this because it not only works on the chakras but also on the meridians and central nervous system...quickly redirecting and restoring proper flow of prana and chi. 

​Seek out a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and acupunturist and develop a relationship with them.  As the flow of Chi is restored to your cells, old emotions will release and your natural high frequency will return to your cells....allowing you to hold more of God's Light in each and every cell.

5. Breathwork

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust...we will eventually return from whence we came--pure essence, pure consciousness, eternal Holy Spirit.

This life you are living, it began with your first breath, and it will end with your last breath out of your physical body.  And so it goes.....all of "Life" is carried in and on your breath.   When you learn to embrace the magnitude of this Truth, you will find great joy in becoming more aware of your breath and breathing.

I teach many of my clients to do various yogic breathing exercises, and my favorite and most powerful one is Nadi Shodhana.   I have seen many clients overwhelmed by anxiety who have stopped taking Xanax after beginning this breathing practice.   Again, it is a choice.  Yes, the easy way out would be to continue taking the medication.

No judgement in that.  But a person desiring to raise their vibration and frequency on a spiritual path, could choose to practice breathing techniques to raise their vibration and release anxiety from their reality.

One of the best books ever written is The Miracle of the Breath: Mastering Fear, Healing Illness, and Experiencing the Divine 

​It's important to remember that a vibration is nothing more than a word to describe a frequency of energy. There are many, many frequencies in this great big wonderful Uni-verse and we will become familiar with many of them along our path to self-realization. 

Never judge yourself (or anyone else), for being at a particular vibration.  We are all doing our best to move towards the highest and hold more Light and reflect it back to others so they may increase their vibration ​

​Learn to love yourself and others at every step along the ascension path! 

Have you read the full story about how I raised my vibration out of illness to completely reverse 10 years of daily chronic pain?  It's all in my book God Is A Pink Cloud

With light, love, and gratitude​...


About the Author Martha Blessing

Martha G. Blessing RN is a best-selling author, medical medium, spirit channel healer, and expert in the field of self-healing and advanced spiritual development and awakening.

She is the founder of Soul Light Healing Academy, Author of God Is A Pink Cloud, and Creator of The Soul Light Healing Holograms, The Love Meditation and Divine Healing Blueprint.

Through the highly-evolved light beings called Gracon, she channels her Soul Light readings and healing sessions, courses, and meditations to assist and educate empaths, healers, and lightworkers with creating balance and healing solutions so they can live their purpose with health, joy, and vitality.

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