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 Namaste', I’m Martha Blessing - Founder of the Soul Light Healing Academy...


 a Community-based healing and Spiritual center 

with an international and global reach

Our center is located at 5629 Main Street, (suite 201)  in Williamsville, NY.   

We also serve clients throughout the world, offering medical intuitive readings and distance healing by phone/skype...as well as web-based courses, healing, and learning through our free content and paid programs and webinars., all based on the teachings of Gracon-Blessing.

Martha G. Blessing RN

Our mission statement:  It is my deepest desire to offer the highest quality healing and educational services to assist and empower individuals to awaken and open to the light and power of their Soul for healing and, to do so with the highest integrity in a safe, nurturing, and professional environment.

Everything we do at Soul Light Healing Academy is based on the premise that every individual comes from and possesses an infinite, limitless, and Divine frequency that is a unique expression of Divine Light and Love, and when fully embodied results in health, vitality and joy. 

If one is experiencing something other than health, vitality and joy, they need only to connect with and restore the essence of their Soul, divine love and light, because illness cannot live in the presence of the Divine! 

As an empath, medical medium, spirit channel, psychic healer, and expert in the field of self-healing and advanced spiritual development and awakening I specialize in assisting clients with self-healing solutions and "Spiritual Prescriptions" for Health, Healing, and Inner Peace...so you can live empowered, confident, and prosperous. 

I'm the author of God is a Pink Cloud, creator of the Divine Healing Blueprint  and The Love Meditation.

Now is the time to step into your unique essence and power.  
​​​​​It's time to advance your soul and shine your light.

Most of all,  it's time to activate, embrace, and embody our Higher-self and the healing light that is within.  Also, to Embody Your True Potential!    So with that goal in mind, I serve with an open heart.

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Why I Do What I Do.....

I was born into a family of healers, light-workers, spiritualists, and mediums.  But, growing up it seemed that the "gift" had skipped a generation.  My parents and siblings offered no guidance or assistance.

In fact, growing up in a dysfunctional alcoholic environment and experiencing sexual abuse, only served to make me move deeper into discomfort.  As a result, I felt despair over my sensitivities and gifts as a spiritual channel healer and medical medium.

At six years old I began to channel spiritual messages from Flossie, my beloved grandmother.  Frightened by the messages from Spirit I quickly turned away from those gifts and my life purpose.   The next 22 years were spent drowning and dampening my Light with alcohol, recreational drugs, and cigarettes.

 Despite my career success I felt an intense emotional angst that addictions could no longer contain. When I turned 28 years old the Truth of my Light could no longer be contained.  I began to experience numerous health challenges, daily chronic pain, and frequent mystical visions.

 It would take 10 years to allow and understand the power of the Divine Light that was being unleashed.

My fear and resistance caused so much distress and conflict in my life.  After 3 back surgeries, living in a wheelchair, and being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I knew something had to change.

 Over the course of my awakening and career as a healer I learned that most empaths and lightworkers have never been taught how to manage the energy and power of Divine Light.  Without proper knowledge and training the extremely high vibration of pure Divine Light feels overwhelming.  Most have learned to contain it with heavy down-grading substances and addictions, rather than harness it.  This dampening-down of energy is what causes physical pain and illness for so many empaths and healers.

I am deeply grateful that my prayers and devotion to know the Truth about the nature of Divine Light have led me to embrace the wisdom and grace of God.  Since that day of surrender my body has completely healed and I feel as though I've lived a charmed life.

All the support I needed to shine my light, live my purpose, and feel happy, healthy, and confident has shown up at the exact right moments.

As a visionary healer I hold a space for all lightworkers to join me as holders of the Light.

 The courses and services at Soul Light Healing Academy are offered with this goal in mind.  My intention is to help you identify and free yourself from the resistance, limitations,  and blocks that hold you back.   Soul Light Healing Academy teaches the tools you need to heal your body and live empowered, confident, and prosperous.

Healing is easier than you've ever been led to believe.  I share with you the methods I used to shift my energetic and vibrational consciousness to living in the Light.

Let’s be friends!

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Professional Bio

Martha G. Blessing is an author, spiritual channel healer, medical medium, and health advocate.  She speaks and lectures in the fields of Ayurveda, Energy Medicine, Metaphysics, and Advanced Spiritual Development and Self-Realization. Martha devoted 25 years to mainstream medicine as a Registered Nurse in the specialties of Community Health, Hospice Care, and as director of an Alzheimer’s Unit. After healing herself from over 10 years of chronic pain, three back surgeries, and living in a wheelchair, Martha returned to her ancestral roots as a 3rd generation spiritual channel and healer. As a result, Martha immersed herself in holistic studies and began to channel insights and information about healing chronic illness and pain in the form of “automatic writing” from spirit guides and Ascended Masters. During the past 23 years, in addition to owning the successful Niagara Ayurveda Wellness Center and New World Gifts Spiritual Center and Store, Martha treated countless numbers of clients.   Due to this experience she came to recognize patterns and "principles of life" that when learned, understood, and practiced resulted in healing.  Furthermore, it didn't matter what the disease or the symptoms.

Martha's Professional credentials, certification, and training includes:

Certified Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner & Panchkarma Therapist: Ayurvedic College, Sarasota FL,  Registered Nurse New York State, Kripalu Certified Holistic Health Teacher and Practitioner,   Certified Healing Touch Practitioner / Instructor, Boulder, CO.,   Certified Nutritional Specialist,

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