Creating Balance With The Wisdom of Ayurveda.

Those that know me will tell you... from the moment I hear someone speak,  my mind begins processing what they are saying from an ayurvedic perspective.

I know, sounds a bit "odd".  But it helps me connect with them on the simplest, yet deepest level.  And in this techno-crazed world, I really enjoy that!

From the moment I was introduced to Ayurveda it resonated as Truth in my heart.  And I have been a student and clinical practitioner of it's sacred wisdom ever since.

Embody Your True Potential...

Have you ever dreamed of a straightforward map illuminating the elusive path to vibrant health? A meaningful purpose ? And an enduring sense of inner peace, contentment, and joy?  Look no further...

Creating Balance with Ayurveda

I stumbled on a local Ayurvedic doctor 20 years ago when I was having menstrual difficulties.   By following her SIMPLE recommendations my body was back on track within a week.  

My heart and soul screamed, "pay attention". And I listened.   

During my consultation I learned that I had a "dosha"... that is a body-mind type that is a unique combination of the elements we find inherent in all of nature.

Specifically, I discovered I am a vata- pitta type.  I was fascinated and so began studying everything I could learn about the wisdom of Ayurveda. 

The most important realization in studying was to accept that...

Even though Ayurveda is considered a system of medicine and healing, really, truly, it is a sacred loving intuitive approach to living a joy-full balanced life.

It's beauty lies in that fact that it really can't be westernized.  It is the anti-dote to frazzled, over-stimulated western living.  A lot of people try to stuff Ayurveda into a Western model of living but that is just a convenient delusion.

Instead, let us learn to break free from the constraints of linear western model of symptom management.  And learn to cherish our ability to lovingly understand our body, connect with it's messages and wisdom, and see what it is that we're not giving to ourselves.  

This is the fundamental basis of Ayurveda that I fell deeper and deeper in love with when I began to learn more about it's principles.  

Creating Balance With Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a remarkably individualized system of healing. The tradition is rooted in the idea that each of us is born with a completely personal blueprint for optimum health.

From birth onward, it's this reference point—your constitution, or "dosha" — that defines who you are. No two constitutions are exactly alike. Therefore, no two human beings can have precisely the same expression of ideal health.

In Ayurveda, everything is medicine and everything is poison; what might be beneficial to you could harm someone else, and visa versa. It all depends on the context of who you are, and what patterns are currently at play in your particular body and life. 

I learned about motion in the body,  Upward motion that disturbed my mind and restful sleep.  Downward motion that disturbed my digestive track and menstrual flow.   I learned about the qualities of earth, air, fire, space, and water.  And where they are excessive or deficient. 

This is how we can learn to create balance,  no matter what is going on, in or around us.  

This is how we learn to trust ourselves, trust our bodies, even trust our very existence and survival.


How do I find out my body type ? You ask?   You have two choices....

1. Get an ayurvedic consultation with a certified practitioner OR

2. Determine by taking a quiz.  The most accurate one I have found is at Banyan Botanicals.    On their website you can create your own ayurveda profile.

This is a way of balancing vata with your habits, routines, and daily practices.

Vreating Balance with Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, adapting your lifestyle and being mindful of how you are living from day to day—even in relatively simple or subtle ways—can be an extremely effective way of encouraging a return to balance. Because every substance and experience we encounter has the potential to influence our health, there truly are an infinite number of ways to support your path toward balance. 

Together, your constitution and your current state of balance provide an invaluable context from which to consider your path forward.  A seasoned Ayurveda practitioner uses all of this information to identify the root cause of any departure from one’s natural state of equilibrium, and to determine how balance can best be restored.

I consider it an honor to help educate others in the deeply nourishing and nurturing principles of Ayurveda.  Please reach out to me if you'd like to schedule a consultation or attend a class offered through Soul Light Healing Academy to learn more.

With Gratitude, love and light,


About the Author Martha Blessing

Martha G. Blessing RN is a best-selling author, medical medium, spirit channel healer, and expert in the field of self-healing and advanced spiritual development and awakening.

She is the founder of Soul Light Healing Academy, Author of God Is A Pink Cloud, and Creator of The Soul Light Healing Holograms, The Love Meditation and Divine Healing Blueprint.

Through the highly-evolved light beings called Gracon, she channels her Soul Light readings and healing sessions, courses, and meditations to assist and educate empaths, healers, and lightworkers with creating balance and healing solutions so they can live their purpose with health, joy, and vitality.

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