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Why Create a Personal Sacred Space?

One of the first things I teach to students in my private mentoring programs is to create their own personal sacred space. Since they are usually quite surprised that this is one of their first assignments, we spend some time talking about the benefits and importance of having your own personal sacred space. In addition, it's probably the most important thing you can do if you are on a healing path to correct physical imbalances.

You can be pretty sure there’s powerful benefits in this if it’s their first assignment in an eight-week mentoring program.

Because, healing and spiritual growth is all about changing vibrations in our body and holding more love and light frequencies. Maybe, you’re thinking to yourself that you live alone so you don’t need one? Sorry, I don’t recommend by passing this.

Having a personal sacred space designated in your house has three paramount benefits.

Personal Sacred Space

1.  It provides a place for your unique spiritual energy and blueprint to be expressed.

You are a unique spiritual individual, with a specific energy of light in and around your body. That energy needs the opportunity to be freely and safely expressed, in its fullness, without hesitation.

When you’re sad, scared, fearful, or angry…you need a place to let those emotions go and allow those emotions to be released so that they can be transformed.

Furthermore, when you are joy-full and happy those energies need to be harnessed for good. Sure, you could just do this anywhere in your home…but that won’t provide a “container” for your personal spiritual energy.

Also, having your personal sacred space is the container for building a strong spiritual energy and a soul with stamina.

Have you ever walked into an area of your home and felt that something wasn’t, quite right? Perhaps a child or spouse had just finished a distressing phone conversation there, just prior to your arrival?

As a result, you now feel the remnants of that?  Having your own personal sacred space prevents you from absorbing another person’s energy. It is your space! Off limits to others.

Most of all, it’s your place to manage a full range of emotions on your terms - while other people’s frequencies or influences won't get in the way. Especially relevant is knowing you're very clear...that everything you are experiencing is your experience. And not someone else’s.

2. Your guides recognize your unique spiritual energy.

When you spend quiet, devotional time in your personal sacred space your unique energy and frequency begin to fill the space. Your guides recognize your efforts and devotion and respond in positive ways.

Believe it or not, I tell clients to think of it like dating.

If your suitor does a lot of nice gestures to get and keep your attention and devotion, you have a tendency to respond in kind. His gestures build positive loving kindness in you and you begin to radiate those feelings back to him/her. 

So, it is with the energy of your guides and the Divine Intelligence. Because, when you come to this place to release negativity and old patterns you can replace them with new higher frequencies.

As a result, spiritual guides are eager to assist your efforts. They recognize your commitment and devotion. Therefore, they respond by always being present there with you to send guidance and support in the clearest possible ways.

You become a direct loving channel of energy that vibrates with their same high frequency. Like attracts likes.

Often, empaths who don’t have a designated personal sacred space may experience fatigue...

or maybe other imbalances, because so much time and energy is spent processing other people’s energies. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to be a clear channel and to align with your higher self frequency.

Yet, when you come to your personal sacred space regularly, your guides will act on your behalf to quickly clear energies that don’t serve you or your higher purpose.

Your higher self doesn’t know pain, illness, and distress. Rather, it is the frequency  and connection to Divine Intelligence and Cosmic Consciousness…. the All That Is.  

While in your sacred space, you'll learn to be connected to your higher self , the vibrational frequency of the Truth of your being.

3.  It prepares you for higher levels of spiritual advancement and clear intuitive communication in any environment.

Yet, in the beginning, I often meet with resistance from students on this assignment. They tell me that they couldn’t possible create a sacred time or place to sit quietly. They say their mind is too busy to be quiet and they’ve always struggled with this.

I completely understand. I used to say the same thing. Until I made a conscious decision to have a different belief. I wanted change! If you want to have different reality you must choose to do and be something different than what you are now.

You know the old saying about continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results? Insanity.

At first, it will seem nearly impossible to sit still. But I can promise you that this will change, if you make the decision to create something new for yourself.

People ask me every single day how it is that I came to channel Gracon, and to get insights and messages from so many archangels and ascended masters. I practiced. I learned to become still and to become a like frequency that Spirit could communicate with.

In my sacred personal space...I learned to “dump the junk” that wasn’t the real me.

Hence, I could hold more light. And then I was able to be a clear channel of insights, energy, and information.

No matter where I was or what environment I was in. You can too! 

In your personal sacred space you can connect with your higher self, your true self, in an easy and relaxed manner. While enjoying full support from the Universal Light. 

Your sacred space can be in any area in your house. It just needs to be a place that you can go to, be in private, and not be disturbed. Preferably, a space that no one else will frequent.

If need be, it can be a corner of your bedroom.  A place where you can set up a tiny table or stool to sit beside, on cushion or chair. Place one or two spiritually meaningful items on the table or stool. My first sacred space was a corner in my bedroom. I placed a tiny thrift store stool there and covered it with my grandmother’s handkerchief. I placed a single flower in a bud vase and a small candle on it.

These were the things that reminded me of the mystical magical nature of the Universe and my place in it. And that was enough to begin building and shifting all the energies of my existence to be transformed by holding more love and light.

I advised my husband that it was not to be disturbed.  I was doing a special prayer. That was enough to keep him clear and to respect the situation. 

Now, it’s your turn!  

Begin transforming your life with your own personal sacred space.

Sending many blessings to you,


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About the Author Martha Blessing

Martha G. Blessing RN is a best-selling author, medical medium, spirit channel healer, and expert in the field of self-healing and advanced spiritual development and awakening.

She is the founder of Soul Light Healing Academy, Author of God Is A Pink Cloud, and Creator of The Soul Light Healing Holograms, The Love Meditation and Divine Healing Blueprint.

Through the highly-evolved light beings called Gracon, she channels her Soul Light readings and healing sessions, courses, and meditations to assist and educate empaths, healers, and lightworkers with creating balance and healing solutions so they can live their purpose with health, joy, and vitality.

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