Get Clear Healing Accelerator Course

Get Clear Healing Accelerator Course

Get Clear Healing Accelerator Course

Jumpstart Your Transformation And Healing Path

Are you ready to make the conscious choice to stop wavering and embody your true-self?

Are you ready to embrace your healing and ascend to higher levels of living?

This course will help you jump-start your progress and support you to trust yourself and your choices.

In this course you'll be guided to pinpoint the stumbling blocks that have been getting in the way of your success and be supported to move forward with clarity, calm, and inner peace.​

You will be guided to:

  • Get Laser-focused clarity on the cause of your blocks and what you need to clear.
  • Enjoy increased inspiration and certainty, illuminate your path, trust and honor yourself.
  • Energize your life and experience the true state of your being
  • Address energetic blocks on all four levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
  • Get clarity on what you need to do NOW to create balance and healing in your body and life.
  • Uncover the triggers that cause you to store mental and emotional issues in your body as physical symptoms.
  • Break free of perceived limitations and barriers and live in alignment with your higher-self.
  • Feel supported to uplift your energy and maintain a higher vibration with a Centering Guided Meditation.

Align with new uplifted consciousness of Divine light and love in your life.

Get Clear

Healing Accelerator Course: $47

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Now is the time to illuminate and embrace your authentic path, and elevate your life’s experience. The opportunity is here to completely expand your consciousness and heal your body and your life!

When you're willing to explore from within the present moment your heart can open wide.  Embracing the perspective of your higher self, you're able to pinpoint the places that are holding you back from fully experiencing the beauty of the higher vibrational energies present all around you.

Acknowledging and honoring your higher-self and true inner desires allows you to magnetize healing and transformation on all levels.  And to draw to you the right people and situations for the expression of your life's purpose. And while the new energies may unfold in ways you don't expect, when you spiritually re-align yourself with the places where you've given away your power you can free yourself and be uplifted to the higher realms…

You naturally align with health, healing, inspiration, and exciting results.

The Get Clear Healing Accelerator Course includes:

1. Get Clear Video Course ~ step-by-step guidance and instructions, "short and sweet" to get you moving forward quickly.  27 minutes

2. Get Clear Guided Healing Meditation ~ In just 10 minutes you're filled with healing light that grounds and centers you and restores balance and inspiration.  

3. Get Clear Worksheet ~ Your road map into your beliefs, desires, and heart...take you into the center of infinite possibilities.

4. Get Clear Video Course Transcript ~ Entire course in downloadable PDF format for easy convenience and access to content.

Get Clear

Healing Accelerator Course: $47

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                                   With Gratitude, Love and Light,

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