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Spiritual Prescriptions for Healing Acne ~ When Nothing Else Has Worked

In the scope of big life issues, many would not say that acne is a “big deal”.

It’s not life threatening! 

Yet, it certainly can effect the essence and health of the life force of the person who suffers with long-standing, unresolved acne. So is their a spiritual prescription for healing acne?   Or are the women who reached out to me destined to live with this condition?

Recently I have had several woman reach out to me for a Soul Light Hologram reading for this troubling issue.

They both are beautiful young woman, who've tried everything that mainstream medicine has had to offer.   Gluten-free, dairy-free, hormone regulation, expensive skin care regimes, antibiotics, juicing and cleansing regimes, herbal supplements like turmeric and neem, meditation…and anything else that was recommended to them.

By the time they reached out to me they had each spent 10 + years trying to resolve their troubling acne.

Deep down they have a knowing that their body knows how to have clear skin. They weren’t ready to give up hope. 

They are right! Their body does know how to be healthy and balanced and that includes clear radiant skin.

So what could I offer them? How could I help them heal their conditions and imbalances when nothing that medicine offered had worked? 

Spiritual Prescriptions for Healing Acne

It’s easy, no one had addressed the possible meta-physical, (beyond the physical), causes. 

Both these women actually reached out to me because they were interested in trying an Ayurvedic approach to healing, based on their unique constitution and body-mind type.

But, my true ability in helping people resolve long-standing health challenges lies in the messages I received from Gracon during a Soul Light Hologram Reading and my ability to assess the energetic state of their soul light holograms.

So let me share with you one “case study”, Carrie, and how we got to the root cause of her acne imbalance so she could have clear skin and a happy, healthy life.

During Carrie's reading and consultation, we looked at all the factors in her life.  The typical, and, not so typical questions.  I could clearly see imbalances in her energy field, specifically with her solar plexus, the seat of self-worth and self-esteem.

On the simplest level it could be that this area was out of balance because of the acne, rather than being the cause of her acne.

Every day she practiced self talk that lowered her esteem because her daily routine involved trying to hide the prevalent outbreaks that covered her face.

But as I viewed the energy imbalances Gracon said, “She had an event that was very sudden, and very stressful to her. It is the root of the problem”.

spiritual prescriptions for healing acne

So  Gracon worked through me and asked, “You had an event that happened to you that really threw you off balance. It was sudden”. 

She shook her head in agreement and said, “Yes, My dad died when I was 19”.   And Gracon asks, “And when did your acne start”?   She replied, “right after that”. Aha, the light bulb goes off…..

Could her father’s passing possibly be the trigger for 16 years of heart-breaking acne? And if it was, why hadn’t the therapy, counseling, and numerous regimes been enough to heal it? Is there a spiritual prescription for healing acne that could be the answer?

If it was stress-related, why didn’t it heal when the immediate stress of his passing had sub-sided after a year or two?  That is not to say that the sadness of losing her father was ever going to completely go away!  But couldn’t her body and skin be restored?

Yes, absolutely!

And what happened next is the key to her success.

We had already discussed her Ayurveda body type and what she could do on a nutritional level to balance her hormones after having a baby.  (Plenty of woman have babies and don’t experience acne).

But, during her Soul Light Hologram healing session the true underlying cause was brought up and out for healing and resolution.  Her spiritual prescription for healing acne was revealed.

The session went like this:

Tremendous amount of grief still present in her heart center. Holding on to grief.

Gracon speaks, “There is a story. She made up a story about the events of her father’s passing. She decided to play that story to herself every day.

It was not a good story. She believed that she was unworthy of her father’s love, Why did he leave her?  If she had been better/more he would have stayed here for her and her sibling. 

She took on guilt and shame of her father’s death because he committed suicide.

Every day since his passing, even though she went through counseling and therapy, the painful cellular memories of this event have been buried in her energy system. Eating away at her. Little burst of anger, showing up on her face. Festering anger, grief, sadness, resentment…all turned inward.

Her solar plexus is deficient, no container to hold her self-worth, self-esteem.  The low self worth came first.  It is not caused by the condition of her skin.  She is embarrassed to tell the truth. Embarrassed to let anyone know the truth. She does not want people to see her…she wears a mask. The acne is her mask. She cannot show her true face.

At the end of her healing session I offered all the information that was revealed and where the healing work was being done/balanced.


She states, “It’s funny that you talk about a story, you say that I made up a story, because that is exactly what happened...

"I was out of town when my dad died.  My mom called and told me that he had a heart-attack. Later when I got home I found out that he had committed suicide.  We didn’t tell anyone the truth.  To this day, very few people know the truth.  Only a few people know the truth. To everyone else, they think that he had a heart-attack”.

She agrees that there is still a lot of grief in her heart because of this. She still feels shame.

Creating Balance with Ayurveda

Metaphorically, she can’t “show her face”…

She cannot show her true self..

The girl who’s father committed suicide.

The girl who feels unworthy...

The girl who feels "not good enough".

The girl who worries all the time, to keep it all together, to be perfect, so no one else will "leave her".

At the end of the healing she states that she could feel a release and opening in her chest. 

Her arms and hands were numb and tingling.   Gracon suggests that she continue to facilitate self healing and releasing congested energy in her heart center with the Love Meditation.

She agrees with all of the insights that have been presented to her today, as tears well up in her eyes.

She now has all the information she needs to correct her acne on all levels, physical, mental, emotion, energetic, and spiritual.   All aspects of true healing, from the inside out, have been presented to her.

Her acne is healing as she learns to forgive herself, love herself, see her inner light, and create a new story to tell about the divinity of her soul and life. 

She is empowered to create a new face and a new reality… her true self.  And she happily enjoys eating oatmeal again, recognizing that gluten had no effect on the outcome of her healing.

With gratitude, love, and light,

love and light energy healing session

About the Author Martha Blessing

Martha G. Blessing RN is a best-selling author, medical medium, spirit channel healer, and expert in the field of self-healing and advanced spiritual development and awakening.

She is the founder of Soul Light Healing Academy, Author of God Is A Pink Cloud, and Creator of The Soul Light Healing Holograms, The Love Meditation and Divine Healing Blueprint.

Through the highly-evolved light beings called Gracon, she channels her Soul Light readings and healing sessions, courses, and meditations to assist and educate empaths, healers, and lightworkers with creating balance and healing solutions so they can live their purpose with health, joy, and vitality.

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