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How To Use An Energetic Approach For Healing Digestion

So many empaths and lightworkers come to me with questions about healing digestion!  Especially after they've tried prescriptions that haven't worked.

It's not surprising...but healing digestion is easier than you think when you have the right mindset, approach, and information.

While I look at every single person as a unique bio-energetic soul when it comes to healing solutions, there are some common principles and universal /energetic laws that ​can be applied to healing digestion in our third dimension bodies.

First let's look quickly at the biggest contributors to the problem and then the solution.

Healing Digestion Energetic healing with ayurveda

Energetically speaking, our digestion is metaphor for "life".

All of life.   So having less than optimal digestion can be the result of not just what we eat, assimilate and digest, but also an energetic, emotional imbalance within our solar plexus.

Think about it...if science and nutrition were the only answer and key to a good "gut", with all the technological and scientific breakthroughs, why are so many people taking medications and still suffering?​

So let's look at the metaphysical ( meta meaning "beyond" ), aspects of digestion for the healing solutions.

More times than not, as is the case with empaths and lightworkers...  

Appropriately named the solar plexus, it is the seat of our light and fire, our solar/sun energy.   When we feel good, happy, filled with joy...we have an exuberant and sunny disposition.  And as a result our solar plexus and digestion respond in kind.

But, too often our environment and fears of safety and security take away that sunny disposition​ and the energy constrictions cause our cells to literally hold our "issues in the tissues".   As a result, our fears, anger, and emotions get stored in our solar plexus and digestive organs.

We may hold anger in our liver/gallbladder.  Or eventually have blood sugar problems because our perception of life being "anything but ​sweet" has resulted in an over-dependence on sugary carbs to compensate.

In a perfect world, our digestion positively mirrors life...

We take in nourishment ( day to day events and information ),  chew it up and break it down into smaller pieces, so we can swallow it...and break it down even further,      ( passes to the stomach and intestines).   There in the stomach, if all goes well, we extract the nutrients that are beneficial to us, ( people, relationships, jobs, lifestyle, interests, etc.) and allow them to be distributed​ into our cells from the intestines.   The final process, we get rid of the waste, ( what no longer serves to nourish our body and soul).   

So to heal digestive issues it is imperative to look at the physical body through this process. Where exactly, is the breakdown occurring?   If one suffers with anemia and low energy...we can consider a break down in the absorption and assimilation of iron, providing the intake of iron is sufficient.

The first question to ask would be...What area of their life are they having trouble assimilating people or information.  What is not getting processed?   Are they holding onto to something or someone that they just can't "absorb"?  That is, some area that isn't right for them, but they fear the result of letting go?

You get the idea?​

Honestly, God didn't make any mistakes when he made these divinely orchestrated bodies! They are not designed to break down or turn against us, (no matter what​ the AMA and pharmaceutical companies want us to believe).  Their mass marketing hits directly in the solar plexus.....taking away our power to believe that we can heal our bodies.

In the case of reflux or GERD?   What in their life is too much to swallow?  What (or who) are they having to choke down?   All the Prilosec in the world can't change the relationship that needs healing. 🙂 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome....has a similar cause.  Literally, what events occurred, repeatedly over time,​ to cause an irritation in this persons aura and self-worth, self -esteem?   

Okay, so we have a better idea of the root, how to heal it?

I always recommend going straight to the source with emotional healing.  And I also recommend using an energetic and ayurveda approach for physical symptoms while working on the emotional.  The fact is, there is a physical imbalance and discomfort caused from the mental and emotional imbalance. 

Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing and medicine that comes from India.   I've used it with clients for over 15 years as a clinical ayurvedic consultant​.  I have seen very good success when people learn about balancing their bodies with Ayurveda.

It takes into account your personal body mind type, based on the elements of nature.  And how they show up in your body and mind. That is, earth, wind, water, air,​ fire, and ether, (space).   Furthermore, it looks at your individual age, lifestyle, and where you live to determine imbalances that lead to illness.    

Based on all of these things a person can determine what foods and treatments are most appropriate to energetically shift from illness to balance and health.   Ayurvedic herbs work very differently than most herbs, in that they correct the energetic imbalances, rather than just putting a band-aid on the symptoms.​

Eat, Taste, Heal is one of the simplest, user friendly books on Ayurveda if you'd like to begin exploring healing and nutrition based on principles of Ayurveda.   Or you can schedule a one on one Ayurvedic Consultation here.

Your power in healing your digestive problem all lies in your belief and perception of your digestion of "life".  Remember,  that the cells in our body slough off and die, and are replaced on a consistent basis...providing us a new energetic opportunity for repair and healing.

We need only focus our attention on the Creative Intelligence in our bodies and the Universe to bring about a positive, metaphysical healing outcome.

With love, gratitude, and light,

love and light energy healing session

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