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How long should you use a healing modality?

When one begins a new healing modality, mindset determines it's effectiveness!

The biggest mistake I see people make is with their beliefs about a healing modality.

In order for healing to occur there has to be an internal shift. 

Every week I read emails from hundreds of people asking me about healing modalities they're starting, or have been using. 

They want to know how long they should "do" a particular practice or modality.  But this is the wrong question and the wrong mindset. 

Healing has nothing to do with amounts of time. It's not about time!   That is the wrong mindset.  It comes from an old paradigm...

healing modaity

And the idea that something or someone outside yourself knows exactly how to heal your body and your situation. It comes from our western model of science/medicine.

You go to a doctor and they tell you exactly how long to take the prescription they have prescribed. Sometimes they are right.  And sometimes that 10 day course of antibiotics doesn't "fix" the problem.

This model for allopathic medicine has trained most everyone to believe that there is a specific time frame, a "baseline" for holisitic healing modalities as well.

A woman purchased my love meditation CD  at a book signing event.  She looked at me and asked, "Now, how long should I do this?"  

Again, this is the wrong approach and wrong mindset for any healing modality.  When you have an idea in your mind that you want to stop something, before you have even started it?

Well, that is signaling a message to your subconscious mind that isn't beneficial.


With holistic and alternative healing modalities, the entire premise is based in restoring the body-mind to a state of balance and equilibrium.   The time it takes to do that is going to be different for everyone.

The woman asked me how long she had to do the love meditation, before she would be healed.  I have no way of knowing how long it will take for her to restore a state of balance or health.

And the real truth is that the answer to that is within her.   She might do the Love Meditation one time and experience a profound heart opening.  That could restore all of the cells in her body to a frequency and vibration of perfect health. 

Or she may experience a partial healing each time she does it. Until one day, when she releases all separation from her beliefs and her body is restored. 

But what I have most often witnessed is people buying into the idea that a healing modality only has to be practiced for a short period of time.  Say, a month or or two, and then they can stop doing it.  

This western medicine line of thinking is a big hindrance to healing.

In the case of meditation, the whole idea is to practice coming into a state of stillness so that we can experience one-ness.   In that experience one has embodied the vibration and consciousness of health and vitality.

Yet, we are living in a world with a lot coming at us, It's easy to get pulled  out of our state of one-ness, balance, and equilibrium.  So why wouldn't we want to continue with a practice or healing modality that keeps us balanced? 

Many have an idea in their minds that they can practice a healing modality, (or diet!) for a certain amount of time and then they can just stop doing it and the results will remain. 

That's like believing that we can brush our teeth once a month and the results will be maintained.  Or we can go to the gym once a month and still retain strong muscle mass.


If the love meditation brings us inside our self, to be witness to Divine Love, why would we even think about stopping?

Why wouldn't we want to develop a sacred and reverent relationship with our soul and higher self?     This is the path of true healing.

The purpose of holistic healing modalities is to restore and build a relationship with our natural healing mechanisms.

Our body knows how to be healthy!

Choose to change our mindset about healing modalities and we'll see a profound shift in their ability create incredible and lasting results.

Choosing to develop a personal relationship with our light and higher self is healing.

Choose to activate Divine creative intelligence within you and develop a healing relationship with it.

It's our separation from it that caused the illness in the first place.  Don't go into a new healing modality asking when you can stop doing it...

But rather ask,

"How long do I get to cherish the ability of this modality to connect me with the greatest healing forces present and alive in my body and the Universe today?"

Trust me, no one understands better than I do what it's like to want a pain or illness to go away!  

My book, God Is A Pink Cloud tells you how I reversed 10 years of daily chronic pain.   But it wasn't until I embraced and cherished the wisdom of my body, and all of life, that I was able to break free.  So long as I was asking the wrong questions, I was not able to release my separation and the illness it caused.

God is a Pink Cloud

Honestly, no one can predict the time it will take for a healing modality to shift the vibrational frequency from illness to vitality. It can happen in an instant if we're willing to allow it.

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With gratitude, love, and light,

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