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How to Invite More Good Into Your Life

Busting up the Law of we can really experience our Divine good. 

​Honestly, I've been kinda pissed off at and about the "Law of Attraction" for a long time. Something about the current teachings just never resonated with me. Yet, for years I read tons of books about it, took classes and workshops, led masterminding groups, and had a bazillion conversations about it with like-minded spiritual friends.

I'd hear people say how they were great manifesters and I'd get jealous, envious, and angry​.  I'd wonder what I was doing wrong...

And the more I tried to practice and master the Law of Attraction, the deeper I would fall into despair and unworthiness.

So what changed?  How did I finally come to create the life of love, ease, health, and grace that seemed to elude me for so long?    

And is it possible for you, or anyone, to truly create the life they desire?

Yes, and Yes!

The shift came with a little piece of paper.

In my meditation room, next to my altar and meditation chair I have a quote written​ on a small piece of paper.  I scribbled it down from an audio book I was listening to...

And 8 years later it is still guiding my actions, my heart, and my life.

It says, "Seek God and the blessings will seek you".

Now for those of you that want to stop reading because your thinking...."Oh no, she's going to get all up in religion on me, and I'm just not into all that religion stuff".....

Bear with me...cause, I do not consider myself to be at all religious... And that's not at all what this is about​!

I meditated on the piece of paper and quote for quite some time.  It seemed to be filled with ease and grace, and that was what I really wanted.   I was so tired after all those years of trying and struggling and pushing, pushing, pushing.   It seemed like I was still in the same place after all that effort.

I wanted exactly what it said.....I wanted blessings, ( pretty funny for a person with my name, right?​ )  I wanted ease and grace and blessings to find me...

So I meditated on this every day.  I directed my attention and focus into trying to understand what it meant​ to seek God.  I knew it wasn't about going to church.  I knew it wasn't about the God of religion.  I kept getting drawn into the idea of seeking God and I just kept asking in my meditations and prayers to understand how I was supposed to seek God.

And the answer came...find it within myself.  

Stop trying to manifest from the external. Stop efforting with my mind and visualization.

This would lead me no closer to the Divine.  Seek instead to see, know , and feel the One heart, and One mind of creation, of pure consciousness.  

As a result of going deeper within to see all of creation inside myself and I would naturally raise my consciousness and vibration to my true self, my higher self, to all of the Uni-verse, (meaning One song)​.  Therefore,  I would naturally have a frequency that would match the desires that God had placed in my heart and soul.

Since the only effort needed was to continue to get still and be willing to see the beauty and light within myself, (rather than believing and talking trash about myself and my life.  Yes, I used to do that).  I didn't need anyone else to see it in me.  Also, I didn't need to manipulate life, people, or situations to "attract" more into my life.

Consequently, I didn't need to continue efforting with all these "law of attraction" principles.  They didn't work because no matter how many times I did them...

Most of all, they left me feeling separate from myself and all the good and love in the world.  They actually kept me focused on how I wasn't successful at achieving what I wanted and moved me deeper into feeling unworthy.

But with that little piece of paper...each morning I'd ask do I seek God, and I knew it wasn't about a man in a robe with a big gold  "G" around his neck.

Rather, all I had to do was seek to find the essence of God within myself!   That essence is Love, pure unconditional self-love.  

And with each day a little more light came in to replace all the fear and negative self-talk until I reached the tipping point and my frequency was more love and light than fear and pain.

Seeking God within changed my frequency and the natural law took over.....I was now a match to the blessings that were looking for me.

Furthermore, a key principle that is so important for empaths and lightworkers to grasp is that you don't have to go looking for love!  We don't have to make an effort to attract love.

Most important it isn't something you need to seek or get from someone else. It's already inside you.  It isn't something we need to be given from another.   We come from love.

That is likely the biggest challenge for empaths. Because so many have grown to believe a different story based on our beliefs that we are "weird" and "don't fit in".  But it just isn't true!   Seeking God means letting go of that story and belief, once and for all!  

When we align with something we invite more of it in.

This is how we receive blessings...with self-love, and learning to trust that we are good, we are love.  Since this is the essence of God.....goodness and love.   You are not your pain or story. Rather, seek to find the God within.....the goodness and love that are your essence within.  

I'm with you and holding that sacred space for you to move into​.

With Love​ and Light, 


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