Medical Medium Reading

What Is A Medical Medium Reading?

A Medical Medium Reading will help you get to the true cause of your physical symptoms and imbalances...

Uncover the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual blocks that are are preventing you from healing and moving forward to your birthright of health, vitality, balance, inner peace, and joy​

A medical medium reading can provide insights and answers to anyone seeking healing, anywhere in the world. I receive information by viewing the clients Soul Light Holograms and communication with my light-guide Gracon.   As a result, I'm able to pinpoint the mental, spiritual, and emotional causes of physical ailments.   A medical medium reading can provide the knowledge and wisdom to help heal the core cause of your physical symptoms and imbalances.

What is the difference between a medical intuitive and a medical medium?  

A medical intuitive "reads" the energy system of a client.  Often they'll present a "diagnosis" of sorts, regarding a medical condition they believe to be present in the clients physical body.

A medical medium reading is instead focused on receiving information and messages from Spirit.  For the past 27 years, Spirit has revealed to me the mental, spiritual, and emotional causes of physical imbalances.  Essentially, delivering insight about  "issues in the tissues". 

As a 3rd generation medium and healer, Spirit has chosen to use my western training and experience as a registered nurse to speak to the mystical aspects of healing the physical body. It's simply a matter of tuning into the clients healing request on multiple dimensions.  As a result, I discover what mental and emotional issues have caused Divine Order in their body to go off balance. 

Karrie. B

Martha's reading was on point, honest and compassionate. She helped me make sense of signs and symbols I had been receiving prior to the reading, motivating me to take healing action. I now have a deeper understanding of how aligning with love vibrations reboots my energy system.    ~ Karrie B., Florida

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You can arrange a session for yourself or anyone else you care for. I always seek permission from a client's Higher Self before commencing any session. Consequently, there is no conflict of intent.

How Does It Work ?

In the high spiritual realms there is no such thing as time or space. Energy, light, and information are not restricted to a time or location. 

The best model for understanding this is described by Michael Tolbet in The Holographic Universe.  Time and distance are only concepts which help us to define our 3D reality.

Medical Medium Reading

A reading is based on the holographic, or multi-dimensional image of the client.  During a reading I perceive information about the client through his or her biofield which is pinpointed in space-time, by their name and healing request.  At the same time, Gracon interprets the light vibrations and delivers messages to me about the client related to those vibrations and frequencies.

Therefore, I can gather information about the nature and vibrational frequency of repetitive thoughts, feelings, fears, and emotions that have caused a disruption to the flow of health and Divine Order in the body. 

Because a professionally trained sensitive and channel can perceive what the client is experiencing she can also communicate with their Guides and Higher Self. Hence, this is particularly useful in receiving insights for healing on spiritual level.

What Can You Learn From A Medical Medium Reading?

Most of all, insights from a medical medium reading can help you heal on the deepest core level.

The concept of aligning our physical bodies with our Soul's plan and purpose is not a new concept. As a result, new understandings in metaphysical healing have changed our perceptions of how we can heal physical illness and create spontaneous healing.   Most noteworthy, in the field of vibrational and spontaneous healing is Anita Moorjani's book, Dying to be Me.

Science tells us we are literally packets or waves of information that vibrate.  This information is especially important for empaths and lightworkers who are hyper-sensitive to their external environment.  Health issues and challenges can result from shutting down energy in an attempt to protect themselves.  While this may seem like a good temporary solution, it does nothing to help resolve the underlying issues or soul agreements.

It's all about helping people to become aware of the patterns and places where they are holding themselves back from shining their light and soul in the world.

There are many factors that can degrade the flow and vibrancy of our​ energy and physical body. Especially for empaths and lightworkers, negative emotions, experiences, and patterns of thought all contribute to disrupting our energy flow much more than we realize!

Negative patterns of energy passed from one generation to another are also common. Because of this,  a reading can reveal the karmic nature of an imbalance, pain, or illness.  Allowing the client to heal and release it once and for all.

Sarah. S

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank Martha Blessing for sharing her heart & soul with me. Even as a healer, I need guidance from time to time. My reading with Martha was amazing! She helped me uncover some deeply buried emotions which were affecting me on many levels, especially physically. After one session I felt a million times better, lighter, more free. Martha is gifted  and she helps empower YOU to heal on the deepest level. Thank you Martha for your love. 

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What You Can Expect From Your Medical Medium Reading...

Every medical medium reading starts with a healing request. In order to honor your "free will" my guides are very clear that each client must submit a request for what they would like to address.

From the moment you submit your request for a medical medium reading we are "connected" and the reading and healing begin.   When I receive your request, via my online scheduling, I connect to your biofield and Higher Self and begin to receive information..  

Your reading takes me about 30 minutes to complete. However, it is not unusual for guides to continue sending snippets of information to me for several hours.  It is especially relevant to remember our guides and your Higher Self will continue to send whatever information is vital for you to have at this time related to your specific request..

Most of all, my intent is to get to the root cause of an imbalance and help you clear it across multiple dimensions.
We're connected medical medium reading

At the time of your scheduled appointment I will speak with you, (via phone or skype) to tell you everything that was revealed to me during your reading.  You'll receive any guidance the guides have for you, and you can ask me any questions you have at that time.

We will also discuss steps you can take to empower yourself for continued healing, spiritual development, and growth.​   Note: Total medical medium reading time is 75 minutes.   Our phone time is 45 minutes. 

To book, use my online scheduler. You’ll be able to pick a time and date, and confirm by paying securely.

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I look forward to talking and working with you soon,

With gratitude, love and light,​

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