Soul Light Healing Holograms

Soul Light Healing Holograms from Gracon-Blessing.

What are the Soul Light Healing Holograms?  And how can they help you?

Soul Light Healing Holograms are powerful energetic grids of light that connect you with the love frequency of your Soul and Divine Purpose, to support you in your life now.  

The holograms were channeled from 12th dimension light-beings for the purpose of healing our physical and energetic light bodies.  They activate light cells in our DNA.  These light cells are holograms, (or mirrors) of our perfect divine blueprint and soul's plan.

Listening to these channeled meditations and working with the Soul Light Healing Holograms will elevate and shift the vibration and consciousness of your cells to health, vitality, balance, and joy.

I am grateful for their amazing healing power and honored to share them with you​!

With Love,

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energy balancing with Metatron

Metatron Light Scepter

A powerful way to receive the love, light, and support you in your life now...

Metatron came to me with this healing light hologram for the purpose of healing and regenerating the body, specifically to rejuvenate the central nervous system, thyroid gland, and adrenal glands.

Soul Light Healing Hologram

Blue Funnel

Soul Light Healing Holograms

Soul Lotus

Sou Light Healing Holograms

Rainbow Orb 

Soul Light Healing Hologram

Ancestral Tethers

Soul Light Healing Hologram

Four Hologram Collection

What are Soul Light Healing Holograms?

I started channeling these healing light holograms shortly after I was diagnosed with a rare, "incurable" cancer!

Immediately after I hung up the phone from hearing those life-changing words, "You have cancer" -- I received a message from Gracon.   He asked me to sit in meditation several hours a day and in return he would '"show me" everything I needed to heal my body.

In the days that followed, during my meditations, I began to experience healing guides and psychic surgeons bringing healing light patterns into my body​.

​At the same time, Gracon delivered messages and information to me about what I was seeing and experiencing.  His message was very clear!

Write everything down and draw pictures, this isn't just for you!

Gracon said I would be shown exactly how to deliver the healing power and light frequency of the holograms to others...

"We bring this love and light to you for the purpose of activating healing patterns in yourself and others.  To activate and raise the frequency of your soul's light from the highest-dimensions of Love. Where there is God, where there is love, there can be no dis-ease.

Through these divine light frequencies you will release that which no longer serves you.  And other empaths and lightworkers will resonate with their frequency.

After two months of daily meditations and channeling The Soul Light Healing Holograms had been integrated into my body and my life.  

When doctors cut into my head to remove the tumor, they couldn't find it!

It was gone!

Since that day, I have used the light holograms every single day in my readings and my healing sessions  to transmute low vibrations of illness and dis-ease and restore Divine Soul frequencies.

And as Gracon said, they're not just for me.   I am honored to bring the holograms to you for your own healing, self-realization, and ascension path.