Soul Light Healing

Soul Light Healing offers simple, yet powerful ways to connect with the well-spring of love and guidance from your spirit guides and Infinite Intelligence within, to support you in your life now.   

Whether you want a one on one Spiritual Healing, an Energy Healing or a DIY Healing Meditation or Healing Mantra we have some great options for you, just click one of the buttons below!

To Schedule an in-person reading or healing session in Western New York: please email

Get A Spiritual Healing

A simple yet powerful way to heal through the love, light, and guidance of spirit guides and light-beings to support you in your healing now

Get An Energy Healing

An in-depth intuitive energy assessment  and adjustment using the Soul Light Hologram for your healing and ascension path

Healing Meditations

Channeled healing meditations and messages from Gracon to assist you in your spiritual growth, development, and ascension healing.

Healing Mantras

Healing Mantras are ancient light-filled chants that facilitate profound vibrational healing and transformtive shifts in body, mind, and soul.