Soul Light Readings

Soul Light Readings and Healing Messages by Spirit Channel Martha Blessing

Whether you want a one on one Medical Medium Reading, a Spiritual Reading for life guidance or a DIY Message from Gracon or Archangel Messages we have some great options for you, just click one of the buttons below!

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Get A Medical Medium Reading

Discover the root cause of your physical ailments and imbalances so you can heal once and for all...

Get A Spiritual Reading

A powerful way to receive the love, light, and guidance of spirit guides and light-beings to support you in your life now...

Messages From Gracon

Channeled messages from Gracon, an 12th dimension guide and light-being assists with elevating individual ascension path and planetary healing consciousness...

Messages From Archangels 

Channeled  Messages from Orion, Metatron, and other Archangels to restore energy and help you become the fullness of the enlightened being you are.