This page is dedicated to helping you with any technical support you may need, here at  I have built this site from the ground up and have had help from many wonderful people along the way.  However, I am not a computer science major, nor did I have any programming skills prior to this project.

My determination to deliver healing messages and support to you has been the driving force.

I've had numerous speed bumps along this path and I've learned a ton about distributing digital .mp3 messages through this WordPress based website. With that being said, I realize there is much more that I don't know and it is through feedback from you, that I learn about things that need attention.

If you encounter any problems with the shopping cart, with downloading your products or the membership program, please email  a detailed description of the error you encountered and what you were trying to accomplish.

We are here to help and will reply to your message as quickly as possible.